Orange House Gardens
                               by Jenny Humphreys
About Us

Orange House Gardens began in 2001 as a "boutique" garden design service specializing in unique garden beds and borders. Owner/Designer, Jenny Humphreys, is a University of California Certified Master Gardener with over 15 years of gardening and design experience. As a resident of Riverside's Historic Greenbelt, Jenny's dedication to Riverside's citrus and rural heritage are foremost in her designs and daily life.

Some of Jenny's professional affiliations include:

  • UC Master Gardener Program, Certified Master Gardener
  • Member/Volunteer Friends of UCR Botanical Gardens
  • Member, Volunteer and Past President of Victoria Avenue Forever
  • Member Friends of the CA State Historic Citrus Park
  • Guest Speaker, CA State Historic Citrus Park
  • Volunteer for Alannah Foster Family Agency

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